An Ultimate Guide to Selecting a Perfect Felt Hat for Men

It is a fundamental human tendency to judge people based on their appearance and personality. Therefore, if you carry yourself well with a spectacular outfit, it enhances your personality significantly, giving you an upper hand over and uniqueness over other people. A famous saying is that the “First Impression is the Last Impression.”

The general notion about men in the world is to have a robust and humble personality. However, there is a high possibility that it might be an ideal case for you as different people around the globe have their distinct attributes and personalities.

Why select a felt hat?

When it comes to enhancing your personality with outfits, a means felt Hat is an ideal accessory to enhance your personality significantly, giving you a personality of a rugged cowboy or humble gentleman as a choice.

A hat can get you acquainted with the personality of other people. For example, a person might wear a hat to protect his face from the sun, while others wear a hat to appear tough by wearing a cowboy hat.

A hat is just a fashion accessory for a few people, but this is not the case. The Hat is one of the most personalized pieces of art you can carry with you. The distinct features of a hat, such as the quality, color shade, pattern, style, and curves and tilts of your Hat, are vivid indicators of your personality.

Buying a felt hat can turn out to be a perfect decision for the people of the west or westerners as a felt hat has a remarkably long life. Archaeologists have even found felt hats made 9000 years ago, making the material used for men felt hats one of the oldest forms of clothing in the world.

Essential details you should consider before buying a men’s felt Hat


The primary thing you should consider before buying a felt hat is the color shade of the Hat. A very high-quality men’s felt Hat may look unattractive and cheap if its color does not suit your personality and outfit. You must avoid flashy colors like red, blue, and neon while considering a hat, as they do not go well with most clothes. Black and Brown are the evergreen colors for you, as irrespective of gender and styles, it makes you appear robust and stylish.

How is the Hat made?

Furthermore, you must take into consideration the process of making the Hat. Due to technological advancements, a significant proportion of all hats made today are creased, shared, and labeled using machines. However, a human touch gives a hat unique meaning and value as there are emotions and stories related to every Hat made by the craftsmen. The price of a hand-made hat gives an idea about how much effort was needed to make that Hat.

Therefore, a machine-made hat is less valuable than a hand-made hat and lacks the minute detailing and quality. Although there are manufacturers who still sell hand-made hats, selecting a company that provides hats of premium quality can put you in a state of dilemma as knowing that the craftsmen who made the Hat was skilled or not.


The selection of material varies from person to person and the general climatic conditions of your vicinity. For example, a wool hat is more affordable than the fur felt hats, whereas the fur felt hats, especially those made from the fur of rabbit, beaver, or a blend, are of better quality, durability, and long-lasting.

The wool mens felt Hat is famous due to its numerous advantages. However, the fierce competition among the hat vendors makes the Hat cheaper and affordable for an average man. Moreover, the hats protect you from the severe cold and harsh weather. In addition to protection from whether they have a stylish look and a shape that can shed some water. Whereas a fur felt Hat is more durable than a wool felt hat. Furthermore, they have a more defined physique, making it more comfortable for you, giving you a pleasant feel.


The Xs stamped within the sweatband on the men felt Hat is a crucial component to indicate the quality of the hats. A felt hat with more Xs is better quality than the lesser one. However, despite Xs being an indicator of quality, they may mislead you as the marking scheme may differ from brand to brand.

Shape: An improper hat shape can waste ample of your money as it can be uncomfortable for you and may have unavoidable alignments. When selecting a men’s felt Hat, you must consider the shape and size of the brims. The impact of the Hat and the visionary balance of the Hat depends on the proportions of horizontal and vertical brims with each other. The ratio can be in the range of 3 to 5 inches with a flat, tangled, rolled, or folded shape.

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Now you are all set to buy a stylish felt hat and rock the world like a cowboy!