Best Places to Sell Your Diamond Ring

If you’re looking to sell your diamond ring, there are several options available to you. These include selling your diamond ring to a brick and mortar retail store, pawn shop, or auction. These options will vary in terms of the amount of money you’ll receive. However, they all offer a fair price for your diamond ring.

Selling diamond ring  

Selling your diamond ring to a bricks retailer can be an attractive option for several reasons. First, it minimizes your risk. You’ll make at least 30 percent of the retail price of your diamond ring. You can even sell your diamond ring at a profit. Diamonds can range in price from $8,000 to $25,000, so it’s important to know about the process of development and how they can be valued.

Online shoppers cannot inspect a sell diamond ring Perth sparkle and color in person. In-store buyers can handle the diamond in their hands and can compare its characteristics to the ones they see in photographs online. Furthermore, buyers can try on different pieces and decide which one they want to purchase.

Online retailers

Secondly, diamonds sold directly to a bricks and mortar retailer often carry a 30% loss. This is an ideal case scenario, but it’s not guaranteed. The solution to this problem is to sell your diamond to a trusted vendor, who offers a trade-up or buy-back program. Online retailers tend to offer the best buy-back schemes.

Finally, bricks and mortar jewelry stores have high overhead costs, and therefore have to mark up their products much more than online retailers. As a result, their prices are typically double or even triple what they would be online. This is because bricks and mortar jewelry retailers don’t actually mine their diamonds, and must cover the cost of labor and overhead.

Selling diamond ring at auction

Whether you are selling your diamond ring or diamond earrings, you should know the best places to sell it. You can also opt to have it appraised so you can be sure of its real value. Diamond prices vary considerably. However, you should be realistic about the price you can get for your diamond.

Pawn shops are a good local option for selling a variety of products. Although you can get instant cash from pawnshops, this method sell gold jewelry in Perth will not give you the highest return on your investment. An auction house that charges a higher fee will usually present the jewellery in the best light possible. This includes professional photographs and a glossy catalogue. In addition, more auction houses allow live bidding online.

Choosing a diamond buyer who is known for their experience and expertise can also get you a better price. Although it is easy to make a decision based on convenience, it is best to go with your gut and choose someone who is professional and respectful. Always try to ask as many questions as you can.


When selling a diamond ring, it is best to check the appraisal certificate. Most appraised diamonds have a high replacement value. This is because the diamond was appraised higher than the purchase price. This reduces the risk of buyer’s remorse.