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Founded in 2013, Moviescounter is a popular website where you can find and download free movie trailers. The site caters to all kinds of viewers and offers a wide variety of movies. You can find the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and indie films, as well as dubbed versions. It also allows you to download free films and serials. You are not limited to a particular language, genre, or region, and you can even search for your favorite film by name or by category. Once you have found your movie, simply click on the “Download” option to download it.

When it comes to movie downloads, Moviescounter makes it easy for you to find and watch your favorite movies and TV shows. The website provides download links for popular movies and shows in different formats. All the films are categorised on the website, and the homepage also contains recent leaks. You can browse through the different categories of films, and you can find the ones you want to download. This site is highly mobile and PC friendly. You can also search by the name of a movie to find out more information about it.

The downside to Moviescounter is the piracy aspect. In many cases, people download pirated movies and TV shows without the permission of the film’s creators. While these actions may not be criminal in most cases, they are still illegal. If you are caught, you can be jailed for three years and fined for multiple offenses. You must avoid using illegal sites. It is also important to read all warnings and terms and conditions before downloading movies.